I am in my mid 40-ties

and have a beautiful and loving wife and two sons - 10 years old and 10 months old.

As a real estate investor, I have invested in my first real estate in 2006 and since than I am gradually increasing my portfolio of rental properties. Up to now I have invested in over 30 rental properties ranging from apartments to beauty studios. Actually, the beauty salon was bought in 2006 as my second real estate and I still have it and enjoy the rental income each month.

I have a degree in Finance and Investments from the Technical University in Berlin, Germany. It was a marvelous time in Berlin and I have enjoyed really international fellowship there. I had many friends from different countries from the whole world, not only Europe.

In the period 2008 – 2015 I had the privilege to be the Managing Director of Immorent Bulgaria, part of Erste Bank Group - one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe. In this period of my career I have experienced my most significant personal and professional growth. It is very different to work as a part of a big team in a large organization and to be the responsible manager for a small team of 30 professionals. The level of responsibility is much higher and respectively the learning curve much steeper.

During the period in Immorent I have learned a lot about the real estate because the focus of the company was long-term leasing financing of real estate projects. We have dealt with all types of real estate – office, retail and industrial real estate. Only residential real estate was out of our focus. It is too small as a size and too labor intensive because of it. This is one of the reasons why it become very interesting for me personally and I decided to invest in it. When it is not interesting for the large companies the smaller investor has a surviving chance and will have a fair chance to find good deals.

Svetoslav Deltchev - Real Estate Investor

I have seen how the huge international real estate funds are investing, what type of financing there are looking for and how their goal is very often the recurrent cash flow from the deals.

I have tried to copy their approach but in a much smaller scale and invested during the whole period in residential rental properties. I have to admit that I was also influenced by the books of Robert Kiyosaki. I believe I have all of them in my library. Of course, I have not forgotten to adapt his advice to my local circumstances. But the general idea for passive income streams appeals to me a lot. My professional path was very successful but I knew that this could be temporary. And it was.

In 2014 Erste Group decided they will do business only on markets where Erste Bank was present. In Bulgaria, only the leasing company was present on the market. That's why the group decided to withdraw from the market as of the end of 2015.

I am telling you this story to demonstrate the importance of a backup plan for each of us. The parallel and graduate creation of an additional passive income is a smart way to reduce the volatility that everybody of us is experiencing in the recent years.

When Immorent was sold in 2015 I was not ready but only few years later when something similar happened I was already prepared and I could simply quit my 9-5 job and do what I enjoy most – to look for ways to create passive income. So, I discovered that the online business could be one very nice way to deliver value and to create passive income. On top of it, it is somehow similar with the creation of a portfolio of rentals. And best of all - I had absolutely no clue from IT and similar stuff. This made it interesting for me. I will have to learn a lot of new things and I am excited about it. It will keep me busy for the next several years at least.

But let me tell you what you could find on this web page. I have the ambition to post regularly articles about the real estate investing and the market generally. I will post my interviews or other public participations in which I commend the market development. The latest interview I gave for the Bloomberg TV Bulgaria is already posted.

I will also put all my online courses in the library section so that you know what I have created as products so far. You might find there also products that I simply recommend and I find useful. I will also offer you to stay in contact with my newsletter where I will inform you for each new post on the web site but also give you useful information about the market and of course I will present to you my new products. I hope you will enjoy it.

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